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When I ran for President, I did so with a mandate to achieve the following benchmarks that were quantifiable and measurable. They included: Raising the profile of our Chapter on a local, regional and national basis by demonstrated innovative programming, hard work and results; Reviving Chapter membership through intake, reclamation and rededication of our Sisters in Delta from all walks of life; Realigning our Chapter activities, respecting our Ritual and Ceremonies, and becoming more aligned with policies and procedures and rules that govern all of our Chapters, and To advance the social action, sisterhood bonds, scholarship and charity of our Chapter--all ideals that motivated me to become a Delta so many years ago.


During my terms, the Chapter took on new initiatives and new Initiates, ECLECTIC 34! We received many accolades and honors including “1st in Compliance” and “NY Metro Chapter of the Year.” 


In 2005 we celebrated NMAC’s 25th anniversary. 

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