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2016 -2018

Sonya Tennell believed that all members of the sorority had the ability to be leaders. It is with this thought, she encouraged members to share their ideas and develop programming which was relevant to our National Five-Point Programmatic Thrust and reflected present day concerns in our community.


While Ms. Tennell was President, NMAC hosted its first Leadership Development Day. With the premise that all Deltas are leaders, a day of self-introspection and enhancement of personal leadership skills was enjoyed by chapter members as well as collegiate members most of whom already had visible leadership roles within the chapter or who went on to fulfill other leadership roles.


NMAC saw the development of its award-winning Collegiate Connection Program; Are you NMACRedy? The Collegiate Connection Committee took advantage of social media and elevated the chapter's use of various social media platforms.


The chapter saw the development of its own personalized NMAC App which was yet another way for chapter members to stay connected.


In a continued effort to foster meaningful discussion regarding present day topics, the chapter under the leadership of its Health and Wellness Committee hosted its first LGBTQ program.


We saw a continued commitment to Social Action as the chapter participated in: the Annual Bride's March Against Domestic Violence;  'Marched to the Mailbox;' hosted a Human Trafficking Seminar and the success of shutting down by the United States Government (the website faced allegations of profiting from illegal prostitution).


Recognizing the need for pay parity, the chapter collaborated with the American Association of University Women for its first Pay Equity Workshop.


NMAC leads at every level in our Sorority; National; Regional and Local.  Ms. Tennell was also humbled to see several members who were initiated under her leadership, appointed to National Committees. This is what our work is about - sharing our talents to make our world a better place.

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